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ACNL Guide for iOS & Android
ACNL Guide
iOS & Android
Available on the App StoreAvailable on Google Play
Animal Crossing New Leaf Guide for iOS & Android is an app that will make playing the game much easier.
  • Find the fish, bugs & diving creatures that can be caught in each month (check off which you've already caught straight from the list, just by tapping the icon)
  • Discover which ones you still need to be catch, by adding the ones you've caught to your "Catalog"
  • Learn about characters & neighbors in the game and their coffee preferences (for when you work at The Roost)
  • Search through tons of information about art pieces, sea shells, badges, how to unlock buildings and more
  • Listen to clips of all of the KK Slider songs
  • Browse through a list of all of the community projects!
  • View a full calendar of all of the upcoming events in Animal Crossing (and receive push notifications on the day of the event so you don't forget!)
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