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V1.0.5 - Available Now
Travel Essentials is your ultimate travel companion - it can help you track the statuses of your flights, find current weather conditions, find great restaurants and locations to visit and even tell you more information about your hotel.

Whether you're going to Rio de Janeiro or Helsinki, when you're travelling you'll find this app to be extremely useful. Travelling is a very stressful experience. There is an incredible amount of planning required, which this app takes care of for you. Worried about if you're going to miss your flight? Not sure where the nearest beach is? No problem.

If your flight is running late it'll automatically send you a push notification telling you about it, or you can check the estimated departure and arrival times inside the app. You can find excellent places to see, ranging from the great outdoors to shopping malls and even nightlife locations. If you want, it can even suggest the best places for you to visit based on the current weather. You'll also be able to see reviews from other people who've been there so you can find out what they recommend for you too.
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