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Jake Ruston
Hello, I'm Jake Ruston, the founder and CEO of I launched the company in mid-2012 when I was beginning mobile application development. My Currency Converter was the first app I launched publicly to the iOS store several months later. After months of iteration, the app continued to grow into what it is today.

Since then, I have worked on several key projects such as Travel Essentials, the app every traveler needs - it gives you access to everything you could ever need while on vacation, something which competitors don't currently offer. It was launched to great reviews and feedback from users, to which I'm very grateful.

I tend to have a personal interest in the apps I create - That way, I can (hopefully) produce apps that have a natural purpose and that people would want to use. I do a decent amount of traveling so I hope to produce more products in this niche. If you'd like to learn more, I recommend checking out my LinkedIn profile, which contains a lot more information.

Jake Ruston
Founder of